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Eat the rich: The GameStop Saga coming soon to Netflix!

October 6th
4 min read
Brandon HoughBrandon Hough

Netflix documentary series Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga will be released on September 28, 2022.

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Eat the rich: The GameStop Saga coming soon to Netflix!

Wall Street is a world we all hear about, but what do we really know and understand about it? In this must-watch Netflix documentary series, we see a bunch of amateur traders devise a plan to flip the stock market upside down to get rich quickly, causing chaos and costing Wall Street billions!

In January 2021, the world was still in the middle of the Covid pandemic, and groups on social media such as Reddit and TikTok merged to get rich quickly. Across three episodes, lasting roughly forty minutes each, we learn about GameStop, a humble small-time gaming store born in the US that was rumored to grow as big as Blockbuster!

As its stocks were going down Wall Street was ready, and as Wall Street makes money off other people’s misfortunes, some people decided to make a stand. By hyping up GameStop on social media, the stocks went up and up, with people buying and buying and causing a market crash.

The big launch began when Reddit users invested in GameStop stock to inflate prices and fight back against Wall Street hedge funds. Using the power of the internet to bring down the kings of the financial world, these Redditors caused mass money losses, and people loved it! Viewers usually enjoy watching the super-rich failing and the gamification of trading (through an app) makes the world of Wall Street seem less powerful and less intimidating.

Across the three episodes, there is a good pace where you’re not left bored, and you can easily watch in one evening. I was completely hooked to see how this panned out. It completely takes the mick out of Wall Street, politicians, anyone who has power and control over society, and the everyday person. Showing how influential and powerful the internet can be, it’s so satisfying and funny to watch how the people behind the screens can really shake up the world!

Have you managed to catch the series yet? If not make sure to watch and let us know what you thought over on the GAMER SOCIALS!