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FTX? Battle Leet? Market? What?

November 16th
2 min read

Things have moved around lately. With the project, with crypto, with the world in general. Let’s take a quick zoomie-outie and see what is actually important for you – The GaMeR!

Battle Leet
Beta Release
Leet Crates
FTX? Battle Leet? Market? What?

Crypto Markets

Yeah, let’s make this quick: - This sucks!

However!.. We are only following the inevitable tide as it flows for all progress. Sometimes business is boomin’, and sometimes everything grinds to a halt and even pulls back. We’re only seeing a natural reaction to the absolutely insane crypto boom we had in 2020-2021... In the pre-war days.

With other significant crypto-related businesses tumbling down, it’s also a logical consequence that crypto once more needs to prove that as a concept, it is nigh infallible. Hacks and crashes haven’t been due to Blockchain being flawed, it had been due to lazy security and mismanagement of funds by third parties.

Something GMR is obviously aware of and remains on top of as diligently as humanly possible. Luckily, we have businesses like Binance,, and OKX with some massive sponsorships out and about, and with particularly Binance as a sort-of-self-proclaimed protectorate of Crypto innovation, we will surely see people's fears, doubts, and uncertainties be soothed as time passes.

Battle Leet BETA!

Awh yeah, it’s here! For those of you who are eligible for a game token, go try it out – the gameplay is pretty solid, the map design is simple and enjoyable, and messing around with various combinations of NFLs is a trip!

Now you may be wondering “But you can grab Battle Leet for free without having to invest in an NFL, won’t that diminish NFL value?” Well, it shouldn’t, and here’s why:

Battle Leet can be equipped with features that you must unlock via a loot crate system. It is not easy to make a Battle Leet as solid as an NFL, and even so, the NFLs are boosted with certain advantages to give them an edge. Also, Battle Leet will be inflationary, and most of those made will never be actually turned into Immortalized Battle Leet BEP-721 NFTs, which is needed for them to be able to earn rewards.

Having an NFL is already a secured entry to get inside the game and start earning rewards. If you do not have an NFL, go grab one! If you’re lucky, you can get your hands on one with some killer(!) features!

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