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Get Involved in the Festival of Gaming

December 6th
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Our Festival of Gaming is well underway! Not involved? Why not?!

Get Involved in the Festival of Gaming

Our Festival of Gaming is well underway! Not involved? Why not?!

Being the first month of the tournament, no one knew what to expect, but what a success December has already been! With so much more to come, prizes getting bigger and better and more and more of you getting involved, now is a better time than ever to join our Festival of Gaming.

If you still have no idea what we are on about, let us explain…

The Festival of Gaming or FOG is our six-month event in collaboration with eFuse, created to celebrate everything gaming and more specifically, YOU – the gamer!

Why you don’t want to miss our FOG…

Since we don’t do things in halves over at GMR, we are going exceptionally BIG with this gaming tournament. Not just one or two giveaways and a few tournaments – here’s what you can expect from the FOG:

  • Six-month long gaming schedule featuring hundreds of events from December through to May
  • A whopping $300,000 in giveaways and $GMR prizes up for grabs
  • Multiplayer tournaments to pit your skills against the best
  • Live streams and regular roundups with special VIP guests
  • Individual events to prove yourself amongst your gaming peers

Don’t worry if you think your gaming skills aren’t up to scratch, the festival has been designed to be all-inclusive for participants of all levels and experiences. This is actually a great time to hit the play button and refresh those rusty gaming skills, why not pit yourself against some of the best and see how you fare?

A round up of what’s happened so far

For only being halfway through December, we already have so much to unpack! Since the Christmas countdown is on, we thought we would do a short round up now.

Member sign ups went through the roof – our December metrics are looking great:

  1. 64 Giveaways
  2. 20000 $GMR Prizes
  3. 22080 Members

December 1st saw us kick start the FOG, soon followed by a $2,500 Warzone event consisting of mini royale private matches over on our GMR Center Twitch. With a shoutout to @CMOORECASTS and @FBI_TUGBOAT for leading the live as casters!