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How Card Payments Remove The Barrier For Gaming Into Crypto

March 17th
2 min read

These card payments offer a number of benefits for people like us - Gamers!

How Card Payments Remove The Barrier For Gaming Into Crypto

With everything now being online it is no surprise that the gaming industry has shifted everything from buying physical discs to buying and downloading games online. Although we very much miss that sweet start-up noise as you turn on a console to place a game disc in the disc drive, online card payments have made things much, much simpler. With card payments being accepted widely online, the gaming industry has certainly allowed for several barriers to be removed for gamers. This includes the introduction of crypto into gaming.

Card Payments within Gaming

With more and more games being purchased online, as well as the introduction of numerous in-game purchases, card payments have become essential for the growth of the gaming industry. These card payments offer a number of benefits for people like us - Gamers! Including:

Quick and Simple - with a swift couple of clicks, a card payment can now be made in just a few seconds! Making gaming more accessible than ever before. No longer do you have to visit your local game store or hope the nearest supermarket has stock of a new release.

Allows for development within games and increased engagement - For many game developers, the use of card payments within their games means offering the free to play element as an option. With this, gamers can download the game for free, whilst making in-game purchases to continue engaging with the game and brand. This also means existing games can continue to develop, rather than having to build sequels.

Engaging with gamers around the world - Another plus of card payments in gaming is the ability this offers gamers and the gaming developers to reach wider audiences. Global sales can be made on release day without the logistics barriers the industry may have experienced in the past. However traditional currencies may continue to make this challenging as cross-border payments from countries in local currencies may not be processed by systems so well. This is why many developers are now turning to crypto as an option for game and in-game purchases.

Investing in Gaming Tokens

As the gaming industry continues to accept the use of digital payment, the use of digital currencies in gaming is on the rise. Combining two popular industries. Crypto and video games. Many existing games now accept cryptocurrency as a payment method, thanks to the introduction of card payments in both industries, this is simpler than ever to do. Players can now use digital tokens and coins to make in-game purchases and to advance their game play, as well as take part in virtual tournaments to earn digital currency. At GMR we are playing a part in this gaming revolution! Providing a credible synergy between cryptocurrency and online gaming with our utility token - GMR (V2).