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How NFTs are used In Games

March 2nd
2 min read

Our Leets are our very own NFTs and have their practical uses within gameplay

How NFTs are used In Games

NFTs have recently taken the world by storm. If you don’t know, NFTs are non-fungible tokens, which can be sold and traded. Much like a physical gaming card! Our Leets are our very own NFTs and have their practical uses within gameplay. Set to infiltrate the gaming world, NFTs do and will have great uses in gaming, bringing value and a new element to ownership within gaming and game purchases.

What can players do with NFTs

Currently, in-game purchases for things like coins, points, rewards, character add ons and additional features to enhance game play are controlled by the game developer. This means they, for example EA, will have complete control over the purchase you have made. Which usually means your purchases are attached to your gamer account and can typically only be used by you.

When introducing NFTs to the gaming industry, gamers have complete ownership over these purchases. Which means developers will not be able to limit you to how these can be used and who can purchase and own them. This provides an opportunity for money making! Trading your in-game NFTs, much like trading an old school gaming card back in school, you’ll be able to earn cryptocurrency.

The future of gaming looks set to be a new world, one in which players will have far greater control over their gameplay and experience in general. Currently, many game developers are yet to adopt NFTs and crypto into their games. Ubisoft seems to be the only game publisher to release some in-game NFTs so far, but we are sure this is soon to change.

The Benefits of NFTs in Gaming

As we’ve mentioned, one real benefit of implementing NFTs into the gaming world is the ownership this will provide gamers over their in-app assets. However, there are several other benefits too:

Provides an element of scarcity within game play - as NFTs are traceable through blockchain technology, any NFT you purchase and own is yours and is unique to you. Implementing this into gameplay provides gamers with the much loved element of an asset being rare.

NFTs can be used across different games. As we start to see games on the blockchain itself, any NFT purchased for gameplay will be operational across multiple game universes and environments. Providing a far more advanced experience for gamers.

NFTs are protected by blockchain technology, meaning they will not be lost if the game is taken off the blockchain or the game crashes.

What to expect from NFTs and Gaming in the Future

In the future we expect to see NFTs taking the gaming world by storm. Creating a new experience for gamers, which allows for complete ownership over in-game assets and the opportunity to trade assets for cryptocurrencies. At GMR we are working to build upon this connection between crypto, the blockchain, NFTs and gaming by creating a community for gamers by gamers, with our very own NFTs and utility token - GMR V2.