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Web3 Technology Shines at Gam3 Awards with Exciting New Crypto Games

December 20th
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Gam3 Awards: The Future of Gaming is Here with Web3 Innovations

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Web3 Technology Shines at Gam3 Awards with Exciting New Crypto Games

The Gam3 Awards were held on December 8th, and they were a celebration of all things Web3 in the gaming world. A panel of 39 judges, along with millions of gamers at home, voted on the best games of the year in 16 categories. The Gam3 Awards featured over 200 crypto games that were shortlisted, and the winners took home a share of the $1 million prize pool funded by sponsors in the Web3 industry.

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The categories and winners for the Web3 awards included:

Crypto gaming has seen a significant rise in popularity this year, with millions of "Unique Active Wallets" recorded and billions of dollars in funding from both institutional and retail investors. In October to November alone, DappRadar recorded over 800,000 unique active wallets across various networks. It's never been easier to access blockchain-related games, with players able to do so through various platforms, including mobile app stores and the games' websites.

The Gam3 Awards panel featured representatives from Web3 companies including Animoca Brands, Solana Foundation, BNB Chain, Fractal, Polygon, DappRadar, and Immutable X. The Gam3 Awards were hosted by Polkastarter Gaming, and they hope that this trend of Web3-related prizes and awards will continue in the future.

The Gam3 Awards were a chance for the gaming industry to showcase the progress and innovations in the Web3 space. They highlighted the potential for Web3 technology to revolutionize the gaming industry, and it was clear that there are some amazing things happening in this space.

Overall, the Gam3 Awards were a huge success, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for Web3 gaming.

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