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Direct Contact, the authentic warfare FPS developed with the expertise of real war veterans!

November 17th
5 min read
Brandon HoughBrandon Hough

This is the closest you will get to real-life warfare, without stepping onto the frontline.

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Direct Contact, the authentic warfare FPS developed with the expertise of real war veterans!

Direct Contract is about Authentic Warfare, First-person Tactical realism experiences. Most weapons are in the same specs for each classification in today's world, making most modern combat asymmetrical.

Direct Contact is a team-based game on Special Forces groups worldwide. The enemy will communicate with other enemies and actively try to flank and kill you, with the focus on many disciplines of military tactics from intense CQB situations, considering room shapes and layout, entry methods, and mid to long-range tactics.

Team up against the enemies in massive competitive and cooperative battles or be deployed in the online world’s open game-play-driven scenarios and campaign. Before starting the game, you must create a plan of approach. You cannot just dive into the action without proper planning. As just like real warfare, without proper planning, you will meet a very quick end.

The intensity of the game mission has the feeling of some passion, it has all the real-life actions in one place, for example, if a bullet is fired and it hits the wall or the floor, the bullet can ricochet back as a reaction to the wall and roof and hit you. Great detail and care has gone into making Direct Contact the most authentic and immersive FPS you have ever seen.

Direct Contact is designed and developed by Erling David, with input from several teams of real ex and actively serving military personnel, giving Direct Contact the forefront reality that sets it apart from your normal FPS.

“I have worked hard to turn my dream and passion into a real-life pc game. He aims to build a game that is a true revival of the tactical realism genre”

So, you think you are a real FPS elite? Direct Contact is sure to separate the real veterans from the COD boys! Let us know if you have what it takes to hold your own on the front line!

Direct Contact's planned release is February 2023, You can add it to your Steam Wishlist: HERE!

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