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McDonald’s are giving away a custom McCrispy gaming chair with hotbox & dip holders!

November 8th
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Brandon HoughBrandon Hough

“Gaming chairs cannot get any better”, Well Mcdonalds says “Hold my large coke”

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McDonald’s are giving away a custom McCrispy gaming chair with hotbox & dip holders!

If you’ve ever thought, "My gaming chair is good, but I wish it had its own dip holder" as you struggle to balance those pots of tomato sauce on your lap while gaming, McDonald’s has you covered. The 1 of 1 McDonald’s McCrispy gaming chair is here! and you can win it.

The McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair comes equipped to deal with all your gaming and fast food consumption needs. Not only does the chair come with a dip holder (two actually). It also features a fries holder, a drink holder, a hot box to keep your food warm, and more. The chair is even stain-proof, perfect for when you rage quit and “yeet” a pot of sweet curry across your box room!

If all of this sounds like it was built just for you, McDonald’s is giving away only one McCrispy gaming chair. Read on to find out how to win the McDonald’s gaming chair and to discover all the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair features so you know exactly what you will win.

To enter the McDonald’s Ultimate Gaming Chair competition, you simply need to head over to the official McDonald’s UK Facebook account and click "Learn more" underneath the promotional McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair video. Follow the steps after clicking "Learn more" to enter. We will walk you through the process step-by-step below.

Once you have followed these steps, you are entered into the competition to win the McDonald’s gaming chair. Cross those mozzarella dippers and hope to the Frech fry gods that you get that dub!

The McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair is McDonald's' answer to fancy gaming chairs, and it comes with plenty of accessories to make gaming and eating at the same time easier than it ever was before. Sadly, you cannot buy a McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair and can only win one of four that exist in the world (see above for details).

Here is the complete list of McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair features:

  • A fries holder
  • A drink holder
  • Two dip holders
  • A hot box to keep your McCrispy warm while gaming
  • A built-in napkin holder and two reusable napkins with McCrispy branding
  • A stain-proof leather treatment so you can enjoy your McCrispy in peace
  • Modular armrests to allow users to swap their McCrispy to different sides

It truly is the gaming chair to own if you want to display to the world your love of McDonald’s while streaming.

Terms and conditions do apply, however. You must be aged 18 or over to enter the competition, live in England, Scotland, or Wales (sorry Northern Ireland), and not be "directly connected with the planning or administration of the Promotion including McDonald’s employees, their agencies and their immediate families".

The competition began on Monday 7th November and closes on Sunday 13th November 2022 at 11:59pm. You do not have long to enter so get on Facebook and throw your hat in the ring. Just one person will win the gaming chair and two runners-up will win a McCrispy Neon Light.