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Call Of Duty Makes Cheaters Weapons Disappear

June 20th
2 min read

Calling all Call Of Duty players, cheaters are finally being stopped in the best way possible!

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Call Of Duty Makes Cheaters Weapons Disappear

Anyone who plays Call Of Duty on a regular basis knows how common cheaters are. They ruin the premise of the game and claim victories that they shouldn’t have. Well with the new anti-cheat update from Ricochet, it’s been reported that cheaters are not just being banned, but having their weapons removed completely!

Examples Of This Happening

You may be curious as to how the anti-cheat software is doing this. One way is through not letting a cheating player's weapons deal any damage to the player they’re targeting. This means that once a player is identified as a cheater, they will not be able to inflict much damage to their opponents at all!

Another example of this is called ‘Cloaking’, this is where every other player they hit becomes invisible to them. This means that the player who has cheated will not be able to see the other players around them, resulting in them being vulnerable to being hit by all the players that they cannot see.

One other way that Ricochet has tackled cheaters is to completely disarm them point-blank. This is where the player who has been detected of cheating cannot partake in any of the action at all.


Ricochet is dedicated to combating unfair play in games. Their software has put a stop to countless cheaters so far. They aim to make the gaming experience much better for all fair players, as well as giving cheaters a rough time.

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