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News From The Gaming World Right Now

May 17th
2 min read

What's hot in the world of gaming right now? With plenty of news, let's delve a little deeper...

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News From The Gaming World Right Now

It's been a busy few months in the gaming world! Here's a roundup of the latest news and game releases. In case you missed anything, we'll give you a brief overview of what's new in the gaming industry. There are some big things on the horizon, so stay tuned for updates in the next few weeks!

Latest updates from the gaming industry

  • So what's hot in the gaming world right now? The Nintendo Switch, that's what! Thanks to a recent price drop and a limited-time offer of a free game with purchase, the Switch is poised to be one of the hottest gifts this holiday season. If you're looking for a console that offers great value and hours of fun choose the Switch!

  • More from Nintendo, Nintendo has shared with its fans another edition of its Indie World Showcase. This is a digital event that focuses on independent developers and their games that are coming to the Nintendo Switch. Some of the titles shown include Spiritfarer, Golf Story, and Cat Quest II.
  • EA has revealed that it will release four games in 2023, including a new remake and a major IP. The news comes courtesy of an earnings call, during which EA confirmed it is working on a "remake of a beloved franchise" as well as an "all-new action-adventure game." No further details were given, but the company looks set to be busy over the next year!

Upcoming Games set for release in June 2022

Here are some of the game releases you can expect next month. So make sure you've got it marked in your calendars!

The Big Con, Diablo Immortal, SpellForce 3 Reforced, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, The Quarry, Metal Max Xeno: Reborn, Trails of Cold Steel IV, and are all video games that are coming out soon.

Although that's not a ton of releases, there are some potential standouts mentioned in this list!

Here's a bit of an overview of some we have mentioned:

The Big Con is a new con-artist simulator that has you managing a team of thieves as they attempt to pull off heists. Diablo Immortal is the long-awaited mobile entry in the Diablo franchise. And finally, Trails of Cold Steel IV is the conclusion to one of the most beloved RPG series of all time.

All three of these games have the potential to be amazing, so if you're looking for something to play in the not-so-distant future, keep your eye on these!

What do you think? Are you excited about any of these releases? Join the GMR community and let us know!