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Our First Look At Starfield Gameplay

June 17th
2 min read

We finally have our first look at gameplay footage of Starfield.

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Our First Look At Starfield Gameplay

The long-awaited next game from Bethesda Game Studios. Initially announced in 2018 by the studio, fans have long been waiting for some real action shots from the new game. During the recent Xbox-Bethesda showcase during the ongoing Summer Game Fest, gamers were finally given what they've been wanting. Instead of the typical in-engine shots, we had been teased with repeatedly, we were finally treated to a moment-to-moment experience!

Takeaways from the showcase

The first thing that's striking is the game's visuals. Starfield appears to be running on a brand new engine, and it looks gorgeous. The space setting is perfect for showing off some truly impressive lighting effects, and the scale of the game world looks massive. In terms of gameplay, our initial introduction to the game players comes in the form of a character landing on the moon, before the preview quickly switched to providing a third-person view.

The game's map

In terms of other games released by Bethesda, this new gameplay footage demonstrates how they have taken things to a whole new level. The game map is massive, and we mean HUGE. The large map is filled with hundreds of places to explore. Todd Howard has explained how there are 100 systems containing around 1,000 planets. Each of which can be landed on by players and explored. Some of these planets include icy planets, planets with life, and other barren planets.

With this latest gameplay showcase, gamers are more excited than ever for the release of the long-awaited Starfield, but when will we finally get our chance to play?

When will Starfield be released??

Despite initially being set on a November release date, we discovered earlier this year that the release date has since been pushed back once more. All focus is now on early 2023 for the official release date.

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