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Sony Is Launching Gaming Gear for PC Gamers

June 30th
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Fresh news from Sony with some exciting updates for PC Gamers…

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Sony Is Launching Gaming Gear for PC Gamers

Sony has made an exciting announcement sure to be music to the ears of PC gamers. They will be launching their very own gaming gear line, called ‘InZone’.

The news came in during an unveiling event hosted on Tuesday, showcasing the line that is set to feature several monitors and headsets designed specifically for gaming. Sony describes this as a “brand for PC gamers”, but they have also stated that the first line of gaming gear will also be compatible with their best-selling PlayStation 5, which we assume will also mean it will be compatible with other of their famous consoles, such as the PS4.

What to expect from the new brand ‘Inzone’

Sony has let fans know that both the monitors and headsets are designed to blend seamlessly with the design of the PS5. Providing a sleek and clean look. This is perfect for gamers looking to build the ultimate gaming set-up.

Releasing this summer, prices for their Inzone monitor will start at £999. Offering a 4K resolution, with HDR. The cheaper alternative for those looking to buy from the range but do not want to pay the high price tag, will be priced at $529 but is set to launch later in the year.

Headsets range in price, starting from $99 to $299. The premium model within the range offers H9 noise canceling, 32 hours of battery life, and 360 spatial sound. Perfect for gamers looking for a headset to keep them playing and streaming throughout the day and night.

Overall the line itself is promising to “maximize performance and ability with dedicated gaming monitors and headsets”.

A full specification list of the new Inzone line can be found over on the Sony site.

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