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Xbox Outsells PS5 in Japan

July 3rd
2 min read

Some slightly unexpected gaming news to come out of the home of PlayStation.

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Xbox Outsells PS5 in Japan

Despite being Sony's home, official records show that Microsoft’s own Xbox Series X and S have officially outsold the PS5 in Japan.

Ongoing stock shortages of PS5

With the ongoing stock shortages affecting PlayStation fans worldwide, this news may not be surprising when you consider how difficult it is to come across a new PS5 to purchase. With the Xbox Series X and S offering a solution, it seems many gamers in Japan have made the decision to go with Microsoft's latest console instead…

According to stats from Famitsu, this has been an ongoing trend with sales of the consoles over the last few weeks and is likely to carry on as stock shortages continue to impact the market.

The statistics show that last month (May 2022), the Xbox Series X sold around 3,272 units, and the Series S sold 3,423 units. All the while, only 2,371 standard PS5 consoles were sold in the country throughout the month, showing Xbobx outsold the Sony console by almost double with both their Series X and Series S consoles.

Despite some thinking, this suggests the Xbox consoles are dominating the Japanese market, taking into account the PS5 stock shortages, it’s obvious that this is the main cause of the lack of sales.

Nintendo Switch Dominates

After all the comparisons between the Xbox Series X and S and PS5, the Nintendo Switch is actually the system that reigns supreme in Japan. With more than 50,000 units of the devices (including the Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED) sold in just one week! Outselling both the PS5 and Xbox consoles. Since the console’s launch, the Switch has sold an incredible 25 million units in Japan.

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