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Battle Leet - Update

November 19th
2 min read

This week's Battle Leet update

Battle Leet
Battle Leet - Update

Updates are now available on the Battle Leet release.

What a great 4 days of testing we have had so far. The team has managed to gather so much information on the continued work required to reach our targeted full-release candidate.

Please continue to share any gameplay via our socials using the hashtag #BattleLeet


- The Thrusters no longer slow enemies.
- The attack speed of the Pistols has been increased and its damage reduced.
- The damage of the Inevitability Glove has been increased and the energy given has been reduced.
- The speed of the Gamepad has been reduced.
- The damage and the energy recovered of the Handheld Console has been increased.
- The Plasma Ray Gun movement speed has been increased.
- The Plasma Cannons attack speed has been increased.
- The damage of the Zero Hands and Boxing Gloves has been increased.
- The energy provided from the Baseball Bat has been reduced.
- The damage of Radar Navigation has been increased.
- The Pong Thrust damage and stun duration has been reduced.
- Mental Blast can be used while in movement.
- Increased the damage and stun duration of the Frozen Screen.
- Increased the mute duration of Reboot.
- Increased the duration of the buffs & debuffs of the Face attributes.
- Reduce the anticipation time of Ambush.
- Added Overclock to Unbreakable and increased its duration.
- Increased the area of Golden Sanctuary. Provides positive status effects to the users.
- Increased the thickness and damage of Golden Whipclaw.
- Reduced the stun time of Glass Lance.
- Decreased the damage from Powerful status effect.
- Changed the energy costs from Antenna, Head and Face attributes.
- Added Fog to the playground and battle arena.
- Added a message when connecting to a duel.
- Added general fixes to the Matchmaking System.
- Removed P input to quit game.
- Improved performance across the whole game.


- Changed various elements from the match user interface.
- Collection pages now start from 01 instead of 00.
- Scores now show colors every time a player wins/loses.
- Fixed an issue with the collection tooltips displaying text incorrectly.
- Added text highlights to tabs and sub-tabs.
- Fixed text typos.
- Fixed an issue that showed the incorrect game pad inputs.


- Fixed an issue that was causing the Plasma Ray Gun to not provide energy.
- Fixed an issue in which Thrusters were recovering energy with 1 hit.
- Fixed an issue that caused the Snowball (Artic Camo) was not doing the proper damage per distance traveled.
- Fixed an issue in which Bouncing Thrust was showing a debug laser.
- Removed debug messages when using a game pad.
- Fixed an issue from displaying players energy bars incorrectly.
- Fixed an issue that allowed Pong Thrust to stun the target behind the player.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the VFX of the Spartan Laser to be displayed properly.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the VFX of Ambush to be displayed properly.
- Fixed an issue that allowed players to get more than 1 point per round.
- Fixed an issue that caused various damage from the Zero Head.
- Fixed an issue that prevented players from replenishing energy before the next round.
- Fixed Zero Chest not doing damage when too close to target.