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Embracing a New Era: GMR Token Contract Migration Ushers in Growth and Excitement

April 25th
5 min read

Token Contract Version 3 Unveils a World of Opportunities and Advancements

Embracing a New Era: GMR Token Contract Migration Ushers in Growth and Excitement

Get ready, GMR community! We are thrilled to announce our migration to version 3 of the GMR token contract. This major step promises growth and development opportunities for both token holders and the broader GMR community. In this article, we'll give you the scoop on the reasons behind the migration, the changes we've made to the token contract, and the exciting benefits you can look forward to.

Why are we Migrating?

The primary reason for this migration is to introduce GAMER v3, a platform designed to support game developers in building games on the GMR Center using the GMR API. By doing this, we're creating even more gaming options for our community and fostering growth within the gaming ecosystem. Plus, GAMER v3 ensures a sustainable liquidity pool by locking the initial liquidity for six months and increasing the liquidity pool automatically with 1% of all trades.

Token Contract Changes: What's New?

With this migration, we're seizing the opportunity to enhance the GMR token contract. Here's what's changed:

No more minting: We're ditching the ability to mint new tokens to promote stability and instill confidence in our investors.

A fresh burn mechanism: We're revamping how token burns work by sending burned tokens to a dead address, making it easier for you to track burned tokens and understand the token's deflationary nature.

An innovative tax system: We're rolling out a low 3% tax on buys and sells (not on transfers), adjustable down to 0% and not above 3%. This tax is divided between the liquidity pool, via burned LP pairs which no one can access, and marketing & development.

Benefits of the Migration

We believe the migration to version 3 of the GMR token contract will bring numerous perks to our community:

  • Less reliance on NFT sales: The new tax system helps diversify our revenue sources, reducing our dependence on NFT sales for marketing budgets and listing fees.
  • Easy migration of staked tokens: If you have V2 tokens staked in the GMR Vault, they'll automatically migrate to V3. No action required!
  • More staking options: We're introducing new staking pools with the V3 token contract, giving you even more opportunities to participate and earn rewards.
  • Listing on three centralized exchanges: GMR tokens will soon be available on BitMart, LA Token, and the Top 10 from community Droid NFT sales, making it even easier to trade.
  • Game developer grant application programs: With V3, Game developers will soon be able to apply for grants to build games on the GMR Center, expanding our gaming offerings even further.

A Seamless Migration Experience

You won't have to lift a finger during the migration process. We'll airdrop V3 tokens to all our holders, making the transition as smooth as possible.

Be aware of scams

As we migrate, please stay vigilant and don't fall victim to scams. We'll NEVER ask for your funds or request you to connect your wallet to claim V3 tokens. Rely only on official GMR channels for updates.

Get Excited

We are excited about this migration and the potential it has to benefit our community and the GAMER project as a whole. The combination of improvements to the token contract and an enhanced experience for token holders will contribute to the continued growth and success of the GMR project. Stay tuned for more updates as we move forward with this pivotal migration!

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