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Gamer Vault has been updated!

January 31st
5 min read

New staking pools

Stake GMR - Earn GMR
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Gamer Vault has been updated!

The Gamer Vault has had an upgrade. Stake $GMR to earn $GMR in a choice of pools that all come with special boosts for those holding GMR NFTs!

Now your Non-Fungible Leets have even more utility. Not only can you deploy your NFLs to the Battle Arena to earn rewards and dominate your peers, but now they are helping you earn even more inside the Gamer Vault. And all without leaving your wallet!

So, without further ado, here are the juicy staking details you are all so desperately waiting for:

  • Compounding rewards:
    • Staking rewards are calculated and added to your staking balance daily.
  • Deposit anytime:
    • You can add GMR into the staking pools at any time to increase your effective APY. (lock time will reset)
  • Daily bounties:
    • You can earn a GMR bounty for completing the staking reward transaction for the community.
  • Compounding interest and APY overview:
    • Compounding interest is the interest earned on a deposit calculated based on both the initial principal and the accumulated interest from the previous period. Annual percentage yield (APY) is a normalized representation of an interest rate, based on a compounding period of one year. The APY is fixed per staking pool but will increase due to the compounding effect.

How do I increase my APY in the staking pools?

You can increase your effective APY by depositing additional GMR into the staking pools at any time. Your effective APY will be displayed in the “Reward” field of the pool. (lock time will reset)

As mentioned, there is another way to ‘Boost’ your APY when staking. We have given Non-Fungible Leet NFT holders the option to BOOST their staking rewards simply by owning one.

If you stake your tokens into any of our NFT Boosted pools and do not hold one of the eligible NFTs, fear not! As you can purchase an eligible NFT anytime and begin earning boosted APYs from the time you buy one until you either exit the pool or sell the NFT.

All eligible NFTs are available either on the GMR Center or via NFTrade.

The following APY (Annual percentage yield) without owning any of the Non-Fungible Leet NFTs is displayed below:

  • 30 Day locked staking: 1.01% compounding.
  • 90 Day locked staking: 1.61% compounding.
  • 180 Day locked staking: 2.84% compounding.
  • 270 Day locked staking: 3.05% compounding.
  • 365 Day locked staking: 4.08% compounding.

The following APY (Annual percentage yield) while owning any of the Non-Fungible Leet NFTs is displayed below:

  • 30 Day locked staking: 3.01% compounding
  • 90 Day locked staking: 5.61% compounding
  • 180 Day locked staking: 9.04% compounding
  • 270 Day locked staking: 10.85% compounding.
  • 365 Day locked staking: 13.68% compounding

What are GMR bounties?

We calculate compounding rewards every 24 hours.

To initiate the reward deposit back into the staking pool, we offer a bounty (reward) to one user to “claim” the reward tokens on behalf of all staking participants.

The bounty reward amount is displayed in the bounty widget and will vary depending on the number of tokens staked. In theory, the bounty reward will increase in line with the quantity of GMR staked.

GMR Retro 1 NFT Staking

Currently, you can stake your GMR Retro 1 NFTs and earn 100 $GMR per day. Please note as the market conditions change, the amount earnt daily will also change with or without notice.

  • Grab yourself a GMR Retro 1 NFT from NFTrade


Can I stake GMR using a hardware wallet such as Ledger or Trezor?

To stake GMR using a hardware wallet, you will need to connect your Ledger/Trezor via a Meta Mask account before executing any transaction. 

How do I "un-stake" tokens?

Once the lock period is over, you are free to un-stake your tokens and claim your rewards. In the same way that you staked them, head over to the GMR Vault. Then, connect your verified wallet using the dropdown box on the top right corner of the page. Once your wallet is connected, head to the pool which you have staked in, and click on the "withdraw" tab. Accept the transaction in your wallet and wait until the blockchain processes it. The un-staked tokens will now be available in your wallet.

How are staking rewards calculated?

GMR staking pools support both APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and APY (Annual Percentage Yield) rewards. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is the annual rate of return, expressed in percentages. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is the annual compounded return, expressed in percentages. The difference between the two annual returns is that APY takes compounding interest into account, while APR does not.

Do I need to KYC to use GMR Vault staking pools?

No, completing identity verification (KYC) is not required to stake tokens in GMR Vault pools.

What happens when a pool expires?

Rewards are no longer generated. Once a staking pool is expired, no rewards will be yielded, nor can a user deposit in the pool. If a user has deposited in the pool that is now expired, it is advised to un-stake and re-stake in any of the active pools.

Do pools still generate rewards even past the lock period?

They do unless the pool is labeled as "expired" Yes, staking pools will keep on generating rewards past the lock period. As long as users do not withdraw their staked tokens, they will get rewarded with the pool APY accordingly. However, if a pool status is marked as "expired" no further rewards will be generated.

If I have already staked without owning the required NFTs for the APY boosts, can I purchase one of the NFTs after staking?

Yes, if you own the NFT in the same wallet even after you have already staked your $GMR tokens, you will start accumilating the boosted rewards from the point of purchasing the selected NFTs.

What happens if I sell or move my NFT away from the wallet that staked the $GMR tokens.

You will stop earning the APY boost.

The pool is full, how do I stake?

If the pool you wish to enter is full, unfortuantly you will not be able to stake until someone leaves after the lock period. This will be revewed on a monthly bases with the help of community votes to either increase the pool cap or introduce new pools.

How do I stake GMR tokens via the GMR Center platform?

First, head over to the GMR Vault. Next, connect your verified wallet using the dropdown box on the top right corner of the page. After your wallet is connected, review the available staking pools. Each staking pool has a unique lock period* and reward structure. Typically, rewards are higher for pools that have longer lock periods. Rewards are displayed as APY(annual percentage yield). Staking pool rewards can also be increased by holding specific GMR NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). Once you find a pool you want to stake your $GMR in, click on the arrow button and enter a number of tokens. Lastly, confirm the transaction in your wallet.