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GMR Goes Community Governed!

May 5th
2 min read

Ready to have your say?

GMR Goes Community Governed!

GMR - Have Your Say

We‘ve been excited to let you, the GMR community, know that we are now giving you the chance to share your thoughts, ideas and contribute suggestions towards the progression of GMR. Giving you a greater say over our new and upcoming projects.

Join the committee now

Join The GMR Committee

Using our Snapshot platform, you can now join our new GMR space to take part in votes and in time put forward your own proposals.

As a decentralised voting system, our committee creates a simple and flexible way for us to provide you with voting power. PLUS, this is a gasless, and user-friendly platform.

With a number of voting types, we have plenty of options when it comes to putting forward new ideas and getting your thoughts. If you want to be part of this and get involved in the development of GMR, join our GMR committee for free today! Simply connect your wallet to the application to get voting.

1 GMR = 1 Vote

It is free to join our committee and the votes are measured by the amount of voting power each voter has. We are determining the power of your vote on how many GMR tokens you own at the time of the proposal - through a snapshot.

Just so you get the gist, 1 GMR = 1 Vote!

We will submit a range of proposals on our space covering various topics for you to vote on.

Here’s just an example of a proposal you could be voting on:

"Should GMR go cross-chain?!"

With your votes, the team here at GMR will gain a greater connection with you and your thoughts on the GMR community. Helping to grow together with the suggestions, proposals, and projects with you.

Currently only verified "authors" can put proposals forward. This is something the team, alongside community committee members, will reevaluate at regular intervals with a view to nominating new authors from the community and eventually open proposals to any committee member, with appropriate safeguards in place.