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GMR Media Center Goes LIVE!

May 7th
1 min read

The new home of all your gaming news, reviews and content is live!

GMR Media Center Goes LIVE!

A new home

As part of our continued strategy to revolutionize the gaming space, we are stoked to announce the launch of the GMR Media Center. Bringing you the latest news from around the gaming world, with reviews of the latest and greatest games including the most promising indie releases. The Media Center is also your go-to for all the latest project-related news and updates.

The Media Center will be a core driver for helping us become the defacto home of gaming as we push on in 2022 and beyond, with content from some of the biggest names in the industry and of course community stalwarts such as Óðinn, Wannabree, Frank Catena and more!

To the moon

Ok, steady on! But seriously, this is for sure a key part of the plan for future dominance of the space. The growth strategy for the Media Center sets its target on the biggest gaming review sites out there, and through a combination of bringing you amazing content, engaging industry leaders and even giving the community an opportunity to contribute, we are shooting for the moon! This will become the de facto home of gaming!