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GMR Special Editions TICKETED ACCESS tokens have landed!

June 9th
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The first GMR Special Editions TICKETED ACCESS tokens to almost 3,000 holders of the #NonFungibleLeets collection 🎟️

Battle Leet
GMR Special Editions TICKETED ACCESS tokens have landed!

Airdrop complete!

Thursday, June 9th, 2022, we dropped the first-ever GMR Special Editions TICKETED ACCESS tokens to almost 3,000 holders of the Non-Fungible Leets collection (based on the snapshot of holders taken on May 31st, 2022).

What are GMR Special Edition tokens?

The GMR Special Edition NFT tokens are a special type of NFT, a BEP-1155 the Binance Chain equivalent of an ERC-1155. You can read more about what an 1155 token is on OpenZeppelin.

Our GMR Special Editions NFT contract allows us to create multiple tickets at a time. For instance, this airdrop saw our GMR Special Editions contract produce its first ever run of tokens, or tickets: the Battle Leet Pass (token ID 1).

Although all 10,000 may look the same, what they do truly is special, because by holding just one of these tokens you will access lots of amazing content associated with our upcoming flagship game release Battle Leet.

Hey, I want one too!

Not to worry, although we are not facilitating the trade of these tokens on the GMR Center (yet), our partners at NFTrade are currently in the process of verifying the collection. You can head over there now to sweep one up!

Be sure to check the contract you are interacting with is the official GMR Special Editions contract address:


What the Battle Leet pass will do

As mentioned above, this pass provides the holder with exclusive access to goodies, we can not reveal everything right now, but what we can confirm is those holders of this ticket will get first access to the BETA release of the Battle Leet game. And you can bet your socks that holders will receive discounts and access to other Battle Leet-associated goodies!

More GMR Special Editions?

As readers will know, Web3 is a fast-changing space, and the way users interact with this technology changes from month to month, so as each passing fad zooms past we are building tools that will survive the test of time. Ticketed access being one of those.

Having the ability to drop exclusive access, and immutable, NFT token tickets is a key pillar of what we see as the future of the web. Something that will remain even after any single “crypto-winter”. You can already imagine how these types of tickets will be used to provide GMR Center users access to restricted areas of the platform - such as social channels and groups.

Oh, don’t we have a premiere of sorts coming soon? Tickets, please!