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GMR Turns One!

May 4th
3 min read

Launched in May 2021 Gamer (GMR) is celebrating its 1st birthday

Introducing Gamer (GMR)

The Gamer project has been on a wild ride over the last 12 months. Gamer is a utility token created to formulate a credible synergy between cryptocurrency investments and the GameFi industry.

There is a core philosophy and values to the project that was conceived by its founder and CEO, Ryan Washington – Create. Empower. Game.

Built on the BNB Chain and now trading on the updated contract (V2) GMR has never stopped developing, innovating, and progressing.

The GMR Center

The whole ecosystem of the project sits on the GMR Center. It has been meticulously designed and developed to act as a centralized hub for everything the project has to offer.

Mark Garside, the Gamer CTO, designed the GMR Center to be completely blockchain compatible. This means users from any EVM compatible network will (eventually) be able to participate in the project.

The Development Team and Security

Their experienced development team and associates include Information Security specialists and Computer Science graduates specializing in blockchain security.

GMR takes security very seriously. They understand the risks involved in smart contract development and are aware of tactics employed by scam token projects such as centralization vulnerabilities.

Token Features

  • Industry-leading OpenZeppelin ERC20 standards.
  • Applied ZERO tokenomics to the token.
  • CertiK audited with a 100% score.
  • Multisig & Timelock ownership structure via OpenZeppelin Defender.

What Gamer achieved in its first year

  • Successful launch on May 4th, 2021
  • Over half a Billion in trading volume
  • GMR became a registered company
  • Released GMR Retro 1 NFT
  • Launched GMR Center
  • Launched a successful Podcast
  • Launched and SOLD-OUT NFL’s
  • Launched GMR Socials (Beta)
  • Developed and launched the most successful migration dApp on the blockchain
  • Launched NFL Marketplace

This is just a small list of what GMR has achieved in such a small time. With the crazy launch we had hitting a MC of $380m and going onto trading over half a billion dollars in trading volume over the last 12 months. Once GMR started we started to develop the vision we expressed to the community started of with launching our first NFT the GMR Retro 1. From this we released the GMR center and brought in Frank and the team brought to life the GMR Podcast. As the months passed by and development ramped up, we dropped our second batch of NFT’s known as NFL’s (Non-Fungible-Leet's) with this launch not only did we sell out within a short space we seen some crazy price action across the GMR token. Following the enormous success of the NFL launch, the development of Battle Leet began...

At this point we knew we had to migrate v1 to v2 so the development team started work on the outstanding migration dApp with the Lauch of this dApp we showed our commitment on security for our investors and GMR v2 just like v1 was audited via Certik getting the best scores across the BSC Chain. This brings us onto the GMR Socials that’s been deployed in beta for all retro badge holders and well the amazing development team work away to deliver this product to the mass we launched our NFL Marketplace where you can now list your NFL’s to be auctioned in $GMR.

And this is just all within 12 months...

As the core team stays strong and builds on their department, we look at the year ahead and see what is to come.

More to look forward to

  • Battle Leet
  • Socials Full Launch
  • Staking
  • GamerVerse