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NFLs: How to add your Leets to MetaMask wallet...

October 25th
2 min read

Here we show you how to add those battle-ready NFLs to MetaMask!

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NFLs: How to add your Leets to MetaMask wallet...


Ok, so you have your battle-ready Non-Fungible Leets locked and loaded. You can view them in the dapp over on the GMR Center, but now you want to view them inside your MetaMask wallet, but how?

The answer is relatively straightforward...

Browser extension vs mobile app

Unfortunately, you will not yet be able to view your NFLs, or any NFT for that matter, inside the browser extension. MetaMask is working on the way to deliver this feature, and here's their most recent comment on the matter:

"Please note that while you can add NFTs as custom tokens in the extension, you will not be able to see them natively in the UI.

We are actively working on improving NFT support in MetaMask Extension; it will be available soon, and this information will be updated when it becomes available. For the time being, to manage your NFTs via MetaMask, please use MetaMask Mobile."

Using the MetaMask app

To start copy the Non-Fungible Leets NFT contract address below:


And then:

  • In MetaMask Mobile, tap on the 'NFTs' tab, scroll down and tap on the "Import NFTs" link.
  • Paste the NFLs address from your clipboard into the "Address" box.
  • Find your NFLs ID. You can find this in the GMR Center NFLs dapp - connect your wallet, and your Leets will appear. Copy the token ID number (do not confuse the ID number with the NFLs Rank).
  • Paste the ID into the box marked "ID" in MetaMask Mobile, tap on the "ADD" button, and your NFLs should appear under the NFTs tab.

Sending your NFLs to other wallets

If you want to transfer your NFLs to another wallet, tap on the Leet you wish to send from the NFTs panel of the MetaMask app. Hit send and add the address you want to send to inside the "To" box.

And that's it!