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NFT ticket AIRDROP to NFL holders!

May 6th
2 min read

We are dropping a commemorative Battle Leet logo NFT ticket to all NFL holders!

Battle Leet
NFT ticket AIRDROP to NFL holders!


We’re airdropping all NFLs holders a commemorative Battle Leet logo NFT which comes with awesome access to features such as the BETA release of Battle Leet. Holders’ addresses will be collected in a snapshot on May 31st, with the airdrop happening on June 7th. Holders will receive one NFT for EVERY NFL they hold!

Hold tight!

If you are a holder of one of our NFLs (non-fungible leets) you may want to pay attention because all holders of NFLs are about to get a special commemorative ticket NFT!

But there’s something more to this NFT than your first impressions may lead you to believe. First up, THAT IS the logo for our upcoming flagship game offering: Battle Leet, and yup, it does come with goodies attached.

That really is how we’re gonna reveal that logo 😉

BETA them to it!

Ok, so the word may already be out that with this special ticket NFT, holders will be getting their hands on a special access code to play the BETA version of Battle Leet once it’s released, but we thought that was such HUGE news, that we had to repeat it. Just to believe it!

There’s more too, holders of this ticket NFT will see more exclusive access codes and giveaways coming their way in future events too. So this is an airdrop for the diamond hands!

Snappy Snap Snap

Ok, so a few things to keep in mind: we are gonna be grabbing all the NFLs holders’ addresses with a snapshot on May 31st with the airdrop happening on June 7th - phew, dates! So, if you want one of these exclusive Battle Leet ticket NFTs, time to snap up an NFL!

NOTE: If your Leet is listed on the NFL Market at the time of the snapshot, all sellers' addresses will be whitelisted alongside the rest. So no need to de-list, we got you!

Ahem, did we tell you yet? You can head to the NFL Market and grab one now if you are a Retro Badge member. If that’s not you, worry not, you can also find secondary sales on NFTrade.

Alas, the Battle Leet BETA release date is still not finalized - ah snap, can’t have it all! But we do expect to see it drop before Christmas, with a full release dropping not long after.

Many Happy Returns

Another key feature of this celebratory airdrop is that holders will receive one commemorative Battle Leet ticket NFT for EACH NFL they hold! So those lucky holders with a bunch of NFLs will find they have a bunch of tickets at their disposal! Do what you want with these, sell them on, or keep hold and see what goodies they unlock later on!

Entering the Gaming Space

Since the beginning, we have always remained true to our gaming roots, promising to shake up the gaming space and bring the community along for the ride. The Battle Leet commemorative logo NFT aligns perfectly with this goal.

We’re pumped with this release, not just because the logo is amazing, but because with it we can give back to our community, through ticketed access not just to Battle Leet, but to other amazing events we have planned too!