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Non-Fungible Leets Market Release BETA

May 4th
3 min read

Retro Badge Members, Non-Fungible Leets Market Release BETA is live!

Non-Fungible Leets Market Release BETA

Marketplace NFLs Auctions

Good news for Retro Badge Members, we are opening up the BETA version of the Non-Fungible Leets marketplace, allowing you to participate in NFLs auctions directly from the app.

In this initial release please note you will only have limited functionality as our team continue to develop, test and build the full suite of features that we will eventually roll out to the NFT marketplace and the NFT hub. With this initial release, exclusive to Retro Badge holders, we are allowing almost 9,000 members of the GMR center to participate in NFLs auctions.

You can find a complete guide to using the NFL Market over on the whitepaper.

For anybody who currently possess ownership of an NFL and would like to list their assets for auction can head over to to connect their wallet and select the “My Leets” tab in order to find a list of all NFLs they hold. Holders can then click into the asset they wish to list and hit the “List” button to put this live.

The process of listing an NFL is a simple process and will only take NFL holders a few clicks.

Bidding for NFLs

For users of the marketplace who wish to participate within an auction and bid on a digital asset can do so by heading over to

Here you will find a full list of all the NFLs currently listed for auction. Users can then click on any asset they wish to bid for.

Bidding is as simple and as straightforward as can be. All you have to do is enter the amount you wish to bid, in GMR, into the auction panel, follow the easy steps in the wizard and there you go! You have placed a bid.

PLEASE NOTE: Bids must be equal to or higher than the minimum bid requirement.

BETA Release

Although we are calling this a BETA release, we should point out that what will be released is pretty close to the full release version. In fact, the only thing likely to change is the user interface or UI. There are still a bunch of helpful additions to the UI in the pipeline that will make the Marketplace a much smoother and more enjoyable experience. And of course, our modular approach to our marketplace contract development means we can “plug in” our “Make An Offer”, “Straight Sale” and any other marketplace contract once we are happy they are ready!

So you don’t miss any news on our NFLs marketplace, be sure to keep your eyes on our news and announcements from our site, socials and broadcasts.