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The Festival of Gaming is Here!

December 1st
3 min read

Find out everything you need to know about GMR's premier event!

Festival Of Gaming
The Festival of Gaming is Here!

Calling all gamers, the Festival of Gaming is here -

GMR are excited to announce our FOG powered by and in partnership with eFuse. Our aim is to bring together the best and brightest gamers from across the planet to compete in some amazing events and competitions all hosted and sponsored by GMR & eFuse.

In case you didn’t already know we’re a project created, by Gamers for Gamers and this festival is just one way we want to show our passion to gaming and give back to the global gaming community.

So if you fancy putting your skills to the test and want to see if you can beat the best then keep an eye out for the latest information, dates, releases and news from the Festival of Gaming site

What is Festival of Gaming?

The Festival of Gaming is a community designed event and we invite anyone to join us on a 6-month journey filled with exciting prize giveaways, gaming community tournaments and events, along with sponsored streams with some of your favourite gaming influencers showcasing their talents on this massive stage.

There’s so much to get involved with and we have a fantastic month one calendar lined up for December already. Don’t worry if you’re only just reading this, we’ll be growing this event bigger and better each month until May 2022.

We’re not holding back on rewards either, the 6-month long festival will see a grand total of $300,000 worth of giveaways/tournament prizes being bestowed on those involved – anyone and everyone is welcome.

Keep updated via the FOG site

To be in the know and stay up to date with news prior to and during the 6 months of the tournament, keep your eyes on our FOG site

Here you will be able to sign up and receive a monthly round-up from us showcasing what we and all this involved have achieved throughout each month of the tournament.