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Weekly Battle Leet Update

November 25th
3 min read

Battle Leet BETA - Weekly Update

Battle Leet
Weekly Battle Leet Update

Updates are now available on the Battle Leet release.

We are now nearly 2 weeks into BETA for Battle Leet and it's been so much fun. With this update, we bring in locked assets to prepare for CARVnival (Learn more about that here).

You can now only use the Battle Leet variant and common assets in-game, so now more than ever it's time to show your skill to get the win.

Please continue to share any gameplay via our Socials using the hashtag #BattleLeet


- Improved the fog of war.
- Improved the environmental fog from the battle arena.
- Rare, Epic & Legendary attributes have been buffed:
- Pickaxe damage has been increased.
- Sabers damage has been increased.
- Lightweight leap now does damage.
- Radar navigation damage has been increased.
- Pong thrust damage has been increased.
- Berserk leap now does damage.
- Curveball damage has been increased.
- Sucker punch damage has been increased.
- Spartan laser damage has been increased.
- Slow added to silver mist.
- Mental blast damage has been increased.
- Midas punch damage has been increased.
- Dragon breath damage has been increased.
- Bad reception now does damage.
- Seek shelter now provides powerful.
- Overclock now provides haste.
- Snowball damage has been added at the start of the cast.
- Glass lance damage has been increased.
- Gamepad can now be used continuously while holding the left click or proper input.
- Handheld console damage and energy given have been increased.
- The area of the handheld console skill now disappears immediately as soon as the executing is complete.
- The energy given from the plasma ray gun has been reduced.
- Forward thrust has been revamped: the longer the player charges the skill, the farther it travels and the more damage it does.
- Added damage to snawjaw.
- Positive status effects (i.e. powerful, haste) duration has been increased.
- Descriptions for safe hero and silver mist have been updated.
- Golden whipclaw damage has been reduced.
- Static storm can no longer be canceled if pressing R again during its cast.
- Added proper messages display for the login screen.


- Added ultra wide screen support.
- Added rounds visual indicator to the game hud. A green square will be shown when the round is won, and a red square when its lost.
- Improved the background detail from the main menu and all of the sub menus.
- Improved the text position on the main menu tabs.
- Partial improvement of the energy points of the game hud.


- Fixed an issue that was causing health and energy bars to act incorrectly with the damage done and energy spent.
- Fixed an issue that was causing the health and energy bars to disappear in round 1.
- Fixed an issue with the dummies and the practice room, in which they appeared to be floating.
- Fixed an issue that was causing the handheld console particles to be invisible.
- Fixed an issue that was preventing the player score from being displayed correctly.
- Fixed an issue that was causing the inevitability glove to provide energy even if it was not used on an enemy player.
- Fixed an issue in which golden sanctuary was blocking the player own projectiles.
- Fixed an issue with the sucker punch particles.
- Fixed an issue in which the combination of party rock and unbreakable were causing the shield particles to stack and never disappear.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the gamepad particle to spawn.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the variant's effects to work properly.
- Fixed an issue that was causing double damage with radar navigation.
- Fixed an issue that was preventing plume to teleport to the proper location.
- Fixed an issue that was causing players to lose energy in the practice room.
- Fixed an issue in which the tooltips from the attributes and skills was not showing the same description.

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