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Who are GAMER (GMR)?

February 1st
3 min read

GMR (Gamer) is a utility token created to formulate a credible synergy between cryptocurrency investments and the online gaming industry

Who are GAMER (GMR)?

GMR (Gamer) is a utility token created to formulate a credible synergy between cryptocurrency investments and the online gaming industry. As our whitepaper outlines.

Create. Empower. Game.

At GMR our aim is to bring the gaming community together with exclusive content, premium creator partnerships, NFTs and much more. We are created by gamers for gamers! So, what can you expect from GMR?


On the GMR Center, users will benefit from both a fun and seamless experience. Allowing you to create content that suits your ambitions. No matter what these may be. As we said, we are by gamers for gamers!


Thanks to the immutability of the blockchain, the ecosystem we are creating empowers the true gamers within our community. Giving gamers the control of their social density and a stake in the future of their Guilds gaming activities.


As a pivotal year for gaming, 2022 will see more and more studios realising the importance of blockchain technology within games. With some forward thinking, we have taken the chance to create a toolkit for game developers to integrate blockchain into their games. As we currently develop two games, players will be able to pit their collection of our Non-Fungible Leets against one another in battle for both domination and GMR utility tokens!

Non-Fungible Leets

Our NFLs are randomly generated NFTs. 10,000 of these were put on sale and have now been sold across our community. All unique in their design, these NFLs will become a central part of GMR’s development. Not only this but, original minters of our Leets will benefit from 5% royalty on all future sales, as well as access to exclusive areas of the GMR center.

The NFT Hub

We are welcoming gamers to the NFT Hub. An area of the GMR Center where we celebrate all things gaming! A space allowing gamers to collect NFT trading cards and more.

The Social Hub

The launch of our Social Hub will provide gamers the chance to become Super Fans! Rise through the mentions, impressing your fellow gamers, as your comments are boosted and super-boosted. Gaming fans, your favourite gaming influencers will finally see who the most dedicated fans are. Identifying you amongst the crowds. This is a space for true gamers.

Security at GMR

Importantly, as much as we are excited about all that is to come for GMR, we place security as a top priority. With an in-house team of dedicated and experienced developers, including Information Security specialists specializing in blockchain security, you can trust GMR.