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Excited to access Battle Leet Beta? Well, this is how you do it!

November 8th
4 min read
Brandon HoughBrandon Hough

We talk you through accessing the Battle Leet Beta step by step!

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So, the day is nearly upon us.. the day we have all been waiting for! And as we ready up to battle it out in the majestic arena, there are a few questions on how exsactly you gain access to the biggest blockchain beta release on earth!

Battle Leet Trailer

Well look no further gamers, we will show you how!

Firstly and most obviously you are going to need a account! To create yours, simply head over to the and sign up using your email.

Once you are all set, head over to your account settings and select the option to "Generate your unique game token". Once your unique game token has been shown, COPY IT! we will need to use this later!

You will also need to register a wallet to your account, you can also do this in settings. And remember, the wallet you connect must contain your Battle Leet Pass NFT, this will allow you to access the Beta version of Battle Leet.

When registering a new wallet address, you will be prompted to sign a gasless transaction to prove you are the owner. Dont sweat! there are absolutely zero fees or authorization attached to this process.

Every Non-Fungible Leet NFT holder received a single Battle Leet Pass NFT for every Non-Fungible Leet they held some time back.

If you do not have a Battle Leet Pass, you can grab one on our partner site

Okay so now you are all set, you have your account registered, your game token copied and your wallet connected that contains your Battle Leet Pass NFT!

let's head to the Battle Leet page on the GMR Center and download the game.

Once installed, load up the Battle Leet BETA launcher, perform any updates that may be waiting, and hit that play button!

Once the game loads up, you'll need to enter your account username (The same username you have on the GMR Center) and paste in that Unique Game Token we told you to copy earlier! This will now allow you to Log In sucsesfully.

And that Gamers, is all there is too it, you are now Battle ready! See you all in the arena!