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GAMER X CARV – How to take part in this year's CARVnival!

November 24th
6 min read
Brandon HoughBrandon Hough

Show off your gaming skills, participate in events, and lavish yourself with prizes. Holiday season is coming early.

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GAMER X CARV – How to take part in this year's CARVnival!

From November 22nd to December 10th, immerse yourself in action-packed mini-tournaments, thrilling game nights, insightful AMAs (Ask Me Anything), and various in-game quests with abundant rewards. Get in the driver’s seat and experience first-hand the incredible gameplay, innovation, and trailblazing thought leadership from a variety of projects of course including GAMER!

With epic giveaways such as NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), token drops, early access, and prize pools of BUSD, all made possible by CARV HQ and support from different projects in the BNB ecosystem. Show off your gaming skills, participate in events, and spoil yourself with prizes. The holiday season is coming early!

This article outlines the details of the campaign and what the CARVnival audience must do to enter everything that GAMER has to offer! Also for the GAMER community wanting to take part details on how to do are also included!

Below is everything you must do to participate in everything GAMER has to offer!

To take part in the GAMER offerings, you must be fully signed up to the GAMER CENTER, and also be set up ready to play Battle Leet. To get set up and ready to play, you can watch our ‘How to play Battle Leet set up video’ or follow the instructions in our ‘How to play Battle Leet’

Please note that during GAMER’S participation in the CARVnival from the 1st of December to the 10th, you will NOT need to hold the Battle Pass NFT (Non-Fungible Token) to play Battle Leet or claim your prizes. Users will simply need to generate their Game token, and then proceed to play Battle Leet without the need for a Battle Pass NFT.

The CARVnival is open from 22nd November and the last day of events and quests will take place on December 10th. The final deadline for all campaign-related badge minting is December 12th at 11:59 pm UTC. And finally, from December 13th until the 20th we will see prizes and rewards distributed accordingly based on eligibility.

The goal is to earn as many CARVnival points as possible by completing set tasks such as playing the selection of games on offer, listening in to the different AMAs, connecting your socials, and inviting friends to join the CARV platform.

Battle Leet Quest

Win 3x 1v1 battles between December 1st and December 10th.

To begin earning rewards, all users will first need to connect a wallet to generate an account on: This will ensure you have a wallet connected to receive any rewards received from participating in the CARVnival.

More details on the different ways to earn CARVnival points can be found on the official CARV website.

To make sure you are up to date with everything the GAMER has to offer, you can follow the official GAMER socials:

Be sure to follow all the CARV socials so that you do not miss out on CARVnival giveaways and competitions! You can find all their social links below:

Stay up to date with The official BNB CARVnival Page:

The CARVnival AMAs will take place either:

And all CARVnival announcements will be posted on the official CARV: