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6 players, 1 cursed world: Can you survive Surrounded?

December 18th
3 min read

Experience the ultimate cooperative horror game with Surrounded

6 players, 1 cursed world: Can you survive Surrounded?

Attention all horror game enthusiasts! Are you ready for the ultimate cooperative gaming experience? Introducing Surrounded, the newest addition to the horror game genre that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

In Surrounded, you and up to five of your friends will venture into an abandoned area that was affected by the explosion of a science facility researching the mysterious substances known as black matter and dark energy. The area has been abandoned for 30 years and is rumored to be inhabited by strange and potentially deadly creatures. But don't let the rumors scare you off – you and your friends don't believe in them and are determined to investigate for yourselves.

As you explore the huge open world map, you'll come across a variety of locations including a dense forest and abandoned buildings such as a hospital and houses from the nearby village. But be careful – the creatures in this game have AI that reacts to sound, so you'll want to keep the noise to a minimum to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

Surrounded also boasts incredibly realistic graphics and sounds, rendered in HDRP to give you the most immersive and atmospheric experience possible. And with the ability to customize your hud, you can create the perfect atmosphere to match your horror preferences.

But the fun doesn't stop there – Surrounded offers multiple endings, depending on your actions and whether or not you're able to lift the rumored curse that plagues the area. Will you be able to solve the mystery and survive the horrors that lurk in the shadows?

If you have any questions or ideas for the game, be sure to join the Surrounded Discord server. Here you can connect with the developers and other players, get sneak peeks of the game while it's in early development, and even share your own ideas for what you'd like to see in the game.

Just a warning – Surrounded is not for the faint of heart. The game includes violence and the ability to shoot enemies, and blood is visible. The developers have described the content as mature, so be prepared for a thrill ride that's not for the easily scared.

So gather your bravest friends and gear up for an unforgettable horror gaming experience with Surrounded. But beware – you never know what horrors lurk in the darkness.

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