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Ricky Recharge: The Ultimate Indie Game - Are You Ready to Take on the Robot Apocalypse?

December 16th
6 min read

Get Ready to Charge, Zap, and Blast Your Way Through the Robot Apocalypse with Ricky Recharge on Steam

Ricky Recharge
Robot Apocalypse
Ricky Recharge: The Ultimate Indie Game - Are You Ready to Take on the Robot Apocalypse?

Get ready, gamers! Ricky Recharge, the highly anticipated indie game, is set to release on Steam on December 20th. In this electrifying game, players take on the role of Ricky, who wakes up to find themselves in the midst of a robot apocalypse. But Ricky isn't fazed – they've been waiting for this moment!

As Ricky, you'll need to charge, zap, dodge, recharge, and blast your way through waves of bots to achieve the highest score and stay alive for as long as possible. To maximize your points, you'll need to synchronize your gun's polarity with the robots. And be sure to run back and forth to recharge your gun – you'll need all the energy you can get! You can also use the coins you earn in-game to upgrade your abilities.

The latest patch notes for Ricky Recharge bring a host of updates and fixes to the game. The aspect ratio will now remain consistent, regardless of the resolution you choose. The game will also correctly load previous settings and will revert to default settings on a fresh install. The credits will now appear after game-over, rather than the leaderboards, and the leaderboards have been expanded to include Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, and Arabic. Plus, a bug that caused the achievement menu to malfunction when the controller was changed has been fixed.

In addition to the fixes, the latest patch has also added some exciting new features. When the controller is unplugged during gameplay, the game will now automatically pause. There's also a new "Steam Input Default Configuration" for Generic Gamepad, as well as a "Credits" option on the main menu. You can now toggle V-Sync in the settings, and when you open the Steam Overlay, the game will automatically pause (and unpause when you close it). The tutorial can now be navigated using an analog stick, and there's a new "Back" button with a countdown on the tutorial menu. If the tutorial is forced on your first play, the "Back" button will change to a "Skip" button, allowing you to bypass it if you choose.

Other changes in the latest patch include updates to the appearance of idle time graphics, new music for the credits, and reworked achievements and images. The title screen logo has also been updated, and various scripts and functions that were no longer in use have been removed. Leaderboards have been reworked to accommodate different languages, and personal stats in the current session will now correctly reflect on the global aggregated stats on the leaderboards. And if the Steam Stats aren't loading correctly, the game will automatically try to reload them.

Ricky Recharge is shaping up to be a thrilling, high-score focused game that's easy to pick up but difficult to master. With the latest patch, it's better than ever, so mark your calendars for December 20th and get ready to charge, zap, and blast your way through the robot apocalypse!

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