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NFT Winners and Certik Audit Complete!- GMR Zone Episode 7

March 21st

NEWS THIS WEEK- 1.) Certik audit was completed. Certik SKYNET going live. What is SKYNET, you ask? No, its not the terminator AI thats going to destroy the world it is the automated scanning technology thats going to save crypto. From their own website- CertiK Skynet is the intelligence engine powering the security scores seen on Security Leaderboard. It provides 24/7 security analysis for your smart contracts. 2.)Winners of Retro 1 NFT winners announced. Check to see if you won! 3.) We have made the TOP 20 projects via @binance Accelerator Program. Well, whats that? As binance explains it- To bolster the crypto entrepreneurial community and provide more support to builders innovating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), we’re launching the Most Valuable Builder Accelerator (MVB) Program under the$100M DeFi Accelerator Fund to bridge the worlds of DeFi and CeFi. The program’s main aim is to help BSC-based startups create new and exciting innovations, gain industry exposure, receive funding, and accelerate community and business growth. Marc Garside gives us the update from the tech side of GMR, including profiles, the NFT marketplace, and more. Jesus and Westy are back. Jesus actually won one the 300 exclusive NFTs! Troy interviews discord moderator TheArtsie to talk about his Minecraft server and a Skywars tournament he will be hosting. We will keep you updated on the Skywars tournament as more information comes out about it.